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Collard Maxwell Architects has been one of Australia’s leading Data Centre Architects and Designers of Mission Critical infrastructure since vacuum tubes were in use, and data was stored on punch cards.

Whether your challenges are with High Performance Edge Computing (HPC), or Cloud/Collocation (Big Data), our professionals can help. Over time we have learnt that "form must follow function" (or your business case), and that each data centre is unique; some must grunt like powerful jet engines, while others must make a profound design statement about their owners and users.

We provide State-of-the-Art building design and space planning advice; but also peer review, documentation, Construction-side D&C services, and accelerated design delivery solutions to builders and owners of Data Centres. Our focus is on helping you reduce political, market, financial, and execution risks; while increasing Speed-to-Market for your next Data Centre Expansion, Upgrade, or New-Built.

Get in touch with us at +61 2 9955 0637 about our ongoing research projects, or to discuss how we could help you meet your specific commercial objectives.

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Inner City Data Centres

Whether your business case requires ultra-low latency for virtual reality applications, or ultra-high-dark-fibre privacy for legal reasons, or high-performance computing in proximity of your customer, the compact inner-city data centre type plays an important role in the big computing ecosystem.

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18 MW High Density Data Centre




12 MW High Density Data Centre
New South Wales




8 MW Data Centre Expansion
New South Wales




Rail Operation Centre Early Schemes for Sydney Trains, Alexandria
New South Wales



Talk to us about :

1)  Edge Computing Data Centres

2) Fast track design & construction techniques

3)  Reducing political risks and Strategic of development applications for faster approvals

4)  Design Feasibility, Research

5) Prototype development to your specific Business Case

6) Increasing yields, performance, flexibility through first principles design


Recent Projects



Edge Computing Data Centre Prototypes

Inner City Data Centre Design Feasibilities, Research, and Development

1 MW Data Centre Expansion, Western Australia

30MW Data Centre Development Peer Review


8 MW Data Centre Expansion, New South Wales

12 MW High Density Data Centre Expansion, New South Wales



18 MW High Density Data Centre, Victoria


Earlier Projects



Business Recovery Centre for Enterprise Data Corp, Norwest Business Park NSW



Rail Operation Centre Early Scheme for Sydney Trains, Alexandria NSW



National Medical Cyclotron for ANSTO, NSW



80 buildings in high security perimeter for ANSTO, Lucas Heights NSW



AAEC Engineering Design Building, Lucas Heights NSW



Data Processing Centre for Burroughs Wellcome, Rosebery NSW

Research & Technology


Research & Technology Centre, New South Wales.

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