CM+A (Collard Maxwell Architects) has become one of Australia’s leading design and construct architecture firms.

We provide State-of-the-Art building design, space planning advice, documentation and design solutions to builders and owners of Data CentresWe understand building design & construction, and with the help of our world class engineers, builders, and consultants can help you reduce political, market, financial, and execution risks, while increasing speed-to-market.

Our Research & Development team can help you resolve environmental, high density power issues for both new and existing facilities upgrades, with efficiency and accuracy. Find out about the latest Data Centre standards and how we can bring you a wealth of expertise and knowledge for your next Data Centre expansion, upgrade, or new-built.


Charles Fortin

Managing Director, Nominated Architect


Australian Institute of Architects MRAIA 55718

NSW 8208, QLD 5089, VIC 19051, WA 2980



+61 2 9955 0637