Our Culture

For more than 70 years CM+A have maintained a culture of architectural excellence. Our team of highly skilled construction architects and designers are known to be precise, pragmatic, versatile, resourceful and accountable. As a result, our workbook routinely fills up with complex projects of all types and sizes.

Our approach to complexity is to customize our service to each project, employ quality consultant and builders, and to maintain a high level of communication and customer service from start to finish.


Our Design Philosophy

We believe in architecture that is well built, as well as being timeless, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. "Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas", were design principals coined by Vitruvius' in 15 BC, and still true today.


Our Mission

We are driven by high customer satisfaction and architectural excellence. We believe in quality, advancing the arts, our profession, and mankind..


Quality Statement

Our success was built on integrity, flexibility, excellence, and high level communication. We maintain membership with the Australian Institute of Architects, and and various professional bodies, and are ISO9001:2015 certified.