Our designers and construction architects are accountable, flexible, and great communicators. We understand the importance of your business case, and that no two projects are alike.


Charles Fortin
Managing Director/ Nominated Architect, MRAIA

B.Arch.Hons, A.A.Arch.Hons, APEC AU/00041, NSW8208, ACT2616, VIC19051, QLD5089, WA2980, NTAR1158, SA3540, ACA2294, MRAIA55718, RIBA TBA, AIA38966139


David Jung
Senior Associate

Joined us in 1992.  Associate Diploma of Applied Science Architectural Drafting

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Bamboo Zhang
Intern Architect

Katrin Klinger
Director Retirement and Aged Care/ Registered Architect

Dipl. Ing. Architektur, Master Program IIT, NSW 8213


Javier Ferre
Project Lead/ Data Centres

Master of Architecture & Project Management

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Moira deVos

Susan Mathews
Project Lead

Bachelor of Architecture Kerala University

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Paulo Ruiz
Project Lead

Master’s Degree (Honours) in
Architecture and Urban Design– FAU


Jessie Yang
Human Resources/ Business Development

Bachelor Degree in English & Business Administration from the University of Science & Technology of Suzhou

Our Alumni


CM+A Alumni who have made a significant contribution to our success over the years, below. Please let us know if you used to work for us or one of our parent companies and your name is not listed below. 

Bamboo Zhang
Pedro de Lachiondo
Bruno Medina
Barbara Bello
Paulo Ruiz

Kristel Mae Nograles
Claire Lim
Raymond Wu
William Papadakis
Alan Johnson
Alexander Lee
Jessica Octavia
Kim Ricafort
Barbara Biggemann
Sanne Louwerens
Nicolas Van De Walle
Moira deVos
Jessie Yang

Mrinal Armoogum
Saul Salcedo
Loqman Marzuqui
Andrzej Romanczuk
Rahm Erez
Melanie Staas
Nicole Hayes
Robert Mavric
Tim Vasilev
Susan Mathews
Birgit Chinnery
Gonzalo Ventura
Janine Campbell
Jarek Knoppek
Javier Ferre Jornet
Giselle Penny
Katrin Klinger
Martha Broda
John Cadornigara

Charles Fortin
Marian Coppins
Dean Longley
Mark Lyell
Chinatsu Mitchells
Deirdre O'Connell
John Scallon
Karl Bolger
Kenneth Chee
Johnson Kuo
Alberto Sunderland
Jeffrey Chan
Sascha Alana Grinbergs
Sadhana Pendharkar
Lydia Martha
Vivek Sehgal
David Jung
Peter Cook (retired)
Ross Maxwell (retired)
Alistair Swain
Max Collard