Collard Maxwell Architects is a leading Sydney-based architectural practice focused on the Design and Delivery of Complex project types, from Data Centres to Lifestyle Retirement, and Specialist Aged Care facilities.

Our knack for Complexity and Design Delivery has led us to a wide range of exciting projects since 1947. Our architects strive to be thought leaders in their field and do make regular contributions to various Publications, Research, and Industry Summits. Please feel free to contact us or visit the RESEARCH section of our web site, or our LINKEDIN page for more information.



Whether your challenges are with High Performance Edge Computing (HPC), or Cloud/Collocation (Big Data), our Data Centre Architects can help. We provide State-of-the-Art building design and space planning advice; but also peer review, documentation, Construction-side D&C services, and accelerated design delivery solutions to builders and owners of Data Centres. Our focus is on helping you reduce political, market, financial, and execution risks; while increasing Speed-to-Market for your next Data Centre Expansion, Upgrade, or New-Built.



Our Executive Architects have reviewed and improved countless designs for builders and developers over the years. In the process of assisting our builders competing for new work, we have accumulated vast knowledge and developed a keen eye for design risks and value management opportunities early in the process. Over time many of our clients have discovered that it is often cheaper and more effective to engage us to assist the builder with delivery, while still retaining the original design architect as a peer-reviewer for design signoff purposes. Our focus is on keeping ahead of the trades procurement program, reducing potential onsite-errors, and shortening the delivery program.



Our Aged Care Architects are knowledgeable of the latest design trends, typologies, and user requirements in the areas of Retirement Living, Independent and Assisted, Specialist Care including Dementia Care and End-of-Life Care, Public & Private Health Centres, Dialysis, Laboratories and BCA Conversions to Class 9a. Our team leaders have developed an interest in advancing the Art-of-Design for Dementia and End-of-Life Care in Australia, and are regularly contributing to various Publications, Research, and Industry Summits.



Our Architects and Designer will design to First-Principles, to a brief that is right for you or your Business Case. Services include Pre-Design, Design Feasibilities, Design Competitions, Concept, Design & Development, Sketches, Marketing, and more. Our firm is proud to be on the “Government Architect's Strategy and Design Excellence Prequalification Scheme” and various other similar schemes and panels.