Design Competitions & Master Planning


Second Place, International Urban Design Competition
Geneva, Switzerland


This concept proposed the redevelopment of a large disused tram and bus depot. The concept locates high density on half the site so that the second half is transformed into a large public space and Art Precinct.

A key driver in this concept was to preserve the semi-industrial feel of the area and to feature and promote the large amount of graffiti art, which for this specific area had matured beyond that of simple tagging into an art form.

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Round Corner 'Diamond'

Proposal for the subdivision and rezoning of a large block of land in Round Corner, Dural, NSW. The proposal divides the 20,000m2 block into three distinct areas, commercial and retail area with a community centre and childcare, residential sub-division and public parkland as well as associated carparking. The proposal maximizes the views and natural light access available from the North West, and provides a significant amount of space for public activities in what council has identified as an important focal point for the local community


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