Edge Computing

The case for a broad ecosystem of data centers in Asia

With the growing compute requirements and the increase in power consumption for the latest generation of hardware, is there space remaining for smaller or niche data centers?

We think that not all data centers have to be the same, and that even smaller facilities, or those located in the heart of the central business districts, offer distinctive value that allows them to thrive.

Technical Challenges of Expanding Edge Networks Closer to End-Users

There are four key principles that drive design and urbanism which also seem to apply to various data centre types.  The first is centralised versus decentralised power. Think of the powerful but centralised Roman Empire versus the smaller but rich and highly networked Greek Empire. Throughout history, it appears that mankind has continuously alternated between centralised and decentralised structures.

Why datacentres are migrating from the suburbs to the CBD

An increasing numbers of organisations’ Business Case are seeing merit in keeping some or all of their data and or computing closer to their CBD locations. They’re keen to take advantage of resources that, rather than being in some far-flung suburb, are actually within the CBD itself. The pendulum is now starting to swing the other way.