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Value Add Building Upgrades


As population growth continues to apply pressure to the Sydney residential market, young families that have had to travel further and further away from employment hubs in search of more affordable housing are now starting to make a move back to the city. Whether young families are after shorter work commute, better access to amenities and childcare, or simply seeking affordability again, the multi-unit residential type is in demand. At CM+A we believe that existing/aged buildings can be a sweet spot for young families, and that additional value may be unlocked by simple building upgrades.

Upgrades including:

  • child safety i.e. window opening and stair balustrades
  • fire & safety upgrades
  • lowered running costs i.e. energy efficient lighting and hot water upgrades
  • refur­­bishment of landscaping and common areas

All buildings require maintenance and from time to time maintenance items become too large for the Owners Corporation to manage. Often these projects are in the form of upgrades. The need to upgrade an apartment building could arise from two sources:

Voluntary upgrading where the Owners’ Corporation approaches Council with a plan to upgrade the building and negotiates the terms of the planned upgrade. This process is actively encouraged and with proper planning is the most economical option.

Fire orders are issued by Council or the NSW Fire Brigades by a random audit undertaken by the Council or when the level of fire safety within the building is brought to their attention through a development application, a change of building use or when a complaint is received. The building will initially be inspected by Council's Fire Safety Officer, a Council Building Surveyor or a NSW Fire Brigades. See section 121B (Order 6) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Signs that your building may need a fire & safety upgrade:

  • Balustrades & railings seem low
  • A small child could climb or squeeze through balustrade openings
  • Exit strategy is not clear
  • Emergency lights not provided to stairs
  • Only one mean of egress for buildings over 25m high
  • Long distances to egress
  • Obstacles or tight corridors
  • No fire separation of roof voids
  • Poor or missing fire insulation where services pass through fire walls or floors
  • Battery operated smoke detectors
  • Stairs or ramps seem steep, unsafe, irregular, or slippery
  • Combustible exit stairs and floor covering
  • Floors not levelled
  • Doors in exit path do not swing in direction of egress
  • Generally low light levels
  • Apartment entry doors not self closing or fire-rated
  • Doors are chocked/held open
  • Concrete cancer

With over 20 years of experience with Building Code of Australia (BCA) upgrades and building refurbishments CM+A have the experience to document, negotiate with Councils and administer building contracts.


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21 Elamang Avenue,Kirribilli

122 arthur street, north sydney

ansto CAMPUS UPGRADE, lucas heights


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6 elamang avenue, Kirribilli